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Hong Kong Office
Unit 305-306, New East Ocean Center,
9 Science Museum Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel. : +852 3460 6828
Fax : +852 3460 6800

Shenzhen, China Office
Office Building 11i, Senwei Building,
Xin'an Road, Luohu District,
Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel. : +86 755 2511 0642
Fax : +86 755 8217 5871

Strategic Brand and Marketing Consultancy
  Although we exclusively represent a numbers of pioneer media, we design strategic branding and marketing campaigns for clients with independent, objective and professional perspectives. Our team's expertise in marketing and information technology, together with our strong network with the PRC banks, travel industries and media, are proficient in delivering effective marketing solutions for overseas marketers to tap into the affluent China market, as well as facilitateing PRC merchants to explore the huge market around the globe.
Our scope of services include but not limited to:-
   -  UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP)
 -  Event marketing (Trade Fairs and Press Conferences)
 -  Media Tours
 -  Shopping Tours
 -  Direct Mailing
 -  Loyalty Programs
 -  Internet / Online Marketing
 -  SMS Marketing
Our media resources include but not limited to:-
     -  《Hong Kong Airlines Travel Map 香港航空優惠小冊子》
   -  《Tour潮遊天下》
   -  Fun Fun Card
   -  Fun Fun World
   -  《Platinum of UnionPay, 銀聯白金》
   -  A One Online Services

Event marketing (Trade Fairs and Press Conferences)
  Event marketing is a great way to introduce your company into China. A One will pick the best locations and occasions of trade shows or organize individual press conferences to showcase your company or attain synergy with business partners. It will enhance your brand image, increase the visibility of your products or services, generate leads and drive incremental sales.
Media Tours
  With our strong network with the media across the region, we offer not only press conferences, press releases services, but also organizing media interviews with journalists crossing the borders.
Shopping Tours
  We bring exclusive target audience to our merchants. Just let us know your desirable profile and we shall bring them to you!
Direct Mailing
  You may reach your target audience via our network. Just let us know your desirable profile and we shall deliver your messages to them!
Loyalty Programs
  With our network with banks and other effective commercial distribution channels, as well as our knowhow in information technology, we are managing CRM programs with application of smart cards and POS networking. More sophisticated and comprehensive programs are yet to launch.
Internet / Online Marketing
  There are numerous of ways to promote via internet. We tailor design the best solutions fitting your marketing needs and budgets. Our Online Advertising Network contains thousands of publishers, reaches over 80% of Internet users, 4.3 Billion daily page views and 705 Million monthly visitors. We offer tailor-made services for your marketing campaigns, not only ensure your ads displayed to targeted customers but also maximize your Return On Investment. We look forward to building long-term collaboration with you, with our professionalism and integrity.

   -  Remarketing allows advertisers to reach their potential clients who visited their websites or
     clicked on the eDM. Remarketing can create an integrated campaign strategy and drive ROI for
     all types of advertisers. Whether or not advertises are looking for driving sales activity, increase
     registrations, promote awareness of brands, remarketing should be a strategic component in
     every online advertising campaign
  SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  
   -  It is different from SEO. A One will maintain the campaign for you…..and it is charged by
  Banner Ads  
   -  We design strategic media planning and placement for brand building or tactic promotions. We
     are the Media Rep for and, and there are more to come.
  Social Media Marketing  
   - Social media can be leveraged to create wonderful marketing masterpieces. Big name like Dell
     have successfully used social media to increase their sales, brand, and the community around
     their products. However, no matter your company size, social media can be used to start a
     conversation with your target market and elevate your brand.
  Email Marketing  
   -  Old fashion, but it works!
 -  We offer unique channels to reach the most desirable profile of the affluent PRC market.
 -  Our services also include detailed reporting and analyses which offer market insights and create
      Remarketing opportunities for your business
  SMS Marketing  
   - Geographic, demographic, volume…..we offer for you to choose!
 - SMS is the main channel for the daily communication in China. According to the reports, in 2008
     China sent out 700 billion SMS and grows around 35% annually. SMS ads have become a
     new advertising channel at any time anywhere.